Yamaha 3kva/1ph 50Hz Petrol Driven silent Generator Item #: EF3000iSE

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Specification Sheet


Type    Inverter type

Rated voltage (V)          230

Frequency (Hz) 60

Rated output (kVA)      2.8

Max output (kVA)         3.0

DC output        12V/12A


Type    MZ175:4-stroke OHV pressure air cooled

Starting system Recoil *1/Electric *2


L*W*H (mm)    680*445*555

Dry Weight (kg)            67

Fuel tank capacity(full)(l)          13

Operating Hours (Hr/ 1/4 load)            20.5 (Economy control system : ON)

Operating Hours (Hr/ rated load)         8.0 (Economy control system : ON)

Noise Level (db A)(7m) 54.5(1/4 load)-61.0(rated load) (Economy control system : ON)


Voltage regulator         Inverter

Circuit breaker system Computer controlled

Fuel level gauge           ◯

Oil level warning system          ◯

Pilot lamp        ◯

Economy control system          ◯

Voltage fluctuation

Instantaneous  Less than 25%

Setting Less than 1%

Setting time     Within 2 secs.

Frequency stability       Less than ± 0.1Hz

Waveform distortion   Less than 2.5%


Transportation kit        Standard

DC charging leads        ◯


Please read your owner’s manual and all labels before operation.

*1 Recoil hand start

*2 Electric start


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