Kubota 8.8kva 50hz 1ph Diesel Silent Generator Item #: GL9000

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kVA: 9.0

Silenced unit

Lower noise levels

Easy Maintenance

Cleaner emissions

The Kubota GL9000 is a two pole, silent type, direct coupled, single phase diesel engine with a capacity of 8kVA at 3000RPM. Kubota’s GL ‘Lowboy’ series III features two pole diesel generators come with single side maintenance, compact design and lower noise levels to suit a wide range of residential and commercial applications. The large fuel tanks are paired with exceptional fuel economy to extend operating periods between refuelling. The Kubota range of diesel generators are powered by genuine Kubota engines, renowned worldwide for their superior reliability and long service life. With a wide range of generators available, from 6 kVA through to 30kVA, the compact range offers a solution for almost every application including residential, commercial, industrial, mining and rental. Kubota generators are designed with the user and environment in mind, with ease of maintenance and transportation, user safety, reduced emissions and a quieter operation, while offering years of exceptional performance and fuel economy.


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