Solar Hybrid UPS/PCU MPPT 15kVA I 30kVA I 40kVA I 50kVA I 80kVA I 100k

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Su-mak Solar Hybrid PCU (MPPT Based) design is trusted Hybrid Solar Technology design. Active front end technology enables it to store the renewable solar energy in the battery as well as export any excess solar power generated, to the grid through net meter, resulting in improved savings at consumer end. Advanced world leading embedded software and vast experience in industrial grade power electronics has resulted in Hybrid MPPT based PCU design, setting a benchmark for the solar PCU market. High level of flexibility in the form of configurable set points gives the Hybrid MTTP PCU  series an unparalleled level of control over the PCU parameters. Customizability of settings makes it the ideal product for solar applications like process industries or Telecom BTS where each site has a different energy consumption.


  • Excess power export to Grid
  • Grid synchronization with storage
  • MPPT Based Technology
  • Li-ion Battery Compatible
  • 100% utilization of Solar
  • BESS solution
  • User scheduling available


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