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Intelli-S (3P-3P)40kVA/360V
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Su-vastika’s Intelli-S Solar Online UPS Series gives no-break, clean & constant power to loads. It is connected between the Mains or Utility Power and the load. Su-vastika's Solar Online UPS is an on-line double conversion UPS with a transformer isolated UPS. Intelli-S has a compact footprint and high quality output to provide the ultimate power protection for critical applications like data processing, telecommunications, industrial processes, security and electro medical systems and can analyze your power quality through power manager solution. The Intelli-S Solar Online UPS not only provides you power backup when you need it, but it also protects the load from disturbances or fluctuations. Because the UPS is already online, the switchover time from mains to UPS in case of a power cut is zero.


1.       True Galvanic Isolation: Fundamental Frequency transformer is used for low frequency isolation at the grid side. It provides safety to equipment against power surges & transients.

2.       Zero Changeover Time: Solar online  has been designed to provide the ultimate protection for mission critical applications like data processing, tele-communications, industrial processes, security and electro-medical systems.

3.       Wide Input Mains Range: Solar Online UPS has a wide operating range. It is able to operate in conditions when the voltage is low (165v) or high (275v) .


•             Wide Input Voltage & Frequency Window.

•             Built-in Galvanic Isolation Transformer.

•             Auto-self Test on LCD Panel.

•             Fuzzy Logic Controlled battery charging .

•             Intelligent Battery Management.

•             Cold Start.

•             Battery Care System - Traditionally, when a mains supply is present the UPS charges its batteries. Battery power is used for the UPS should the input supply fail. Efficient battery management and care is therefore essential to the overall performance of the UPS in an emergency. The Intelli-S Battery Care System consists of a range of features designed to provide optimum performance and enhanced operating life.

•             Charging current sharing of Grid and Solar: it shares  Solar and Grid Power for load running and battery charging. 

Please click here to Download Broucher.

Please click here to Download Broucher.

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