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Solar Panel 100W, 150W / 12V, 260W, 320W / 24V
Item #: 100W, 150W / 12V, 260W, 320W / 24V
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Su-vastika Solar Panels are manufactured using latest technology and best quality materials. These solar panels are especially designed to bear extreme weather conditions anywhere in the world. They have been awarded and certified for being highly efficient, long-lasting and reliable – they are 100% made in India for India and the world. Get ready to make the best investment ever: buy solar panels now and save money on electricity bills for 25 years!


1.       They have the best quality solar cells which make the solar panels highly efficient. The cells are laminated between UV resistant polymer (EVA) and high transmission toughened glass surface, which helps in extended the life of solar panels and lessen the power degradation.

2.       They are able to withstand extreme and harsh weather conditions and have a long life.



  • Maximum power generation to help you make more solar money.
  • Shock-resistant thick iron glass to help you cut down on solar wastage.
  • High grade solar cells to give you long-lasting solar panels.
  • Best quality raw material to give you best performance even in extreme. weather conditions. Anodized aluminium frame gives you freedom from maintenance. 

Please click here to Download Broucher.

Please click here to Download Broucher.

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